Dark Blue Jeans Black Faux Leather Gold Lace-Up Sides & Crotch Shiny Red Snakeskin Pants

Nothing says sexy and hardcore than snakeskin.  Now combine that with denim and you get the ultimate pair of rock n roll pants!  Handmade these will definitely be a stand out.  Weather you just

Available At: Hollywood Leggings

love fashion/style or are a musician looking to spice up your wardrobe.  Theses bad boys are for you.


Custom Design

100% One Of a Kind Limited Edition Rock N Roll Gear!
High Quality Hand Stitching

Unisex: For Women and Men


Dry Clean Only



Lace-Up AXE Sides Leopard Print

Side-Lane-Up-Leopard-Axe-Heavy-Metal-Punk-RockCustom-PantsSummer is around the corner and it’s time to start it off with Rockin’ style.  These jeans are hand made with the utmost care and precision.  You’ve got your lace up on the side paired with a leopard pattern to give it that rock’n roll edge. Heads will turn and people will take notice.  So what are you waiting for get your pair from Hollywood Leggings today!?


Custom Hand-Stitched Rock N Roll Heavy Metal Lace-up Jeans

Button Up Front
Axe Design with Leopard Pattern fabric and Lace Up Sides
Custom Designed Rock Wear

Unisex: For Women and Men

Jean Size: 3
Waist: 29-30 inches
Total Length: 39 inches
Inseam: 32-33 inches
Front Rise: 7 inches
Hip: 14 inches

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